You can read here the feedback from some participants to the different seminars on Church coverage and religious information:

“Want to become a “Vaticanista” in just one week? Attend this conference! It is excellent- and it’s in Rome. Hard to beat that combination!”

David Gibson, Religion News Service, USA (2012) 

“This is a splendid course that offers real insight into the workings of the Catholic Church. It will take you beyond the headlines into the depth and riches of one of the world's greatest institutions. For journalists covering religion, this course is a must. For Catholic journalists, you will come away far more attached to your faith. If you have the chance to study at Santa Croce, take the opportunity. It's the learning experience of a lifetime.”


Charles Lewis, Religion Reporter, National Post, Toronto, Canada (2010) 

“A golden opportunity for English-speaking journalists who aspire to report and interpret the affairs of the Catholic Church at a global level with authority and insight.”

Martin O’Brien, Correspondent, The Irish Catholic, Belfast - Northern Ireland (2014) 

“A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and interview top Vatican leaders, led by generous and extremely accommodating hosts at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.”

Elizabeth Tenety, Writer, America magazine, USA (2014)

“It sounded like a wonderful thing to do and a very important possibility for someone like me who covers the Vatican from the outside. (…) This is a great opportunity to get close to the Church and meet people who actually work at the Vatican and work within the Church, as well as making network and understanding the Church better”.

Lauren Green, Chief Religion Correspondent, Fox News Channel, USA (2016)

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